Working hard towards your fitness goal?

Is your food working with you – or against you?

Whatever your fitness goal, whether it’s weight loss, event training, general health or convalescence & recovery – suffering from a food intolerance can have a major impact on how your body performs.

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Is your food working against you?

Find out with a FirstStep Test. 

We all know that a healthy and balanced diet together with exercise is the key to fitness success. However, even though your diet may look healthy on paper – your body may be intolerant to certain foods or ingredients and therefore will not deliver optimum performance.

YorkTest works closely with many sports and fitness professionals who recognise the potential effect that food intolerances have on performance – many of whom introduce food intolerance testing right at the start of any fitness regime in order to ensure that their client’s diet is at its optimum right from the start.

When I was competing as an amateur boxer along with other competitive sports, I suffered from a wheat intolerance which literally floored me, but once I’d identified that wheat was causing the problem – and cut it out of my diet – I was fighting fit again! Working as a professional trainer, I recommend that all my clients take a YorkTest food intolerance test before they begin their personal training.

Paul Robb
Paul Robb Personal trainer & former amateur boxer. FX Leisure.

Identifying whether food intolerance could be affecting your fitness goal is easy with a YorkTest FirstStep Food Intolerance test.

From a quick and easy finger prick – Yes/No result – blood test, YorkTest can indicate whether food specific IgG antibodies are present in your blood. The presence of IgG antibodies indicates that the body has shown a reaction to a particular food or foods.

If your blood returns a negative result, then you can carry on with your diet and/or training without further worry.

If your results return a positive result however, then the next step is to identify exactly which foods and/or drinks you are intolerant to and – with YorkTest Nutritionist support – eliminate the foods and/or drinks that are working against you.

Find out more about the next step YorkTest tests and support programmes here.

Fitness & Nutrition go hand in hand, so making sure you’re not intolerant to something in your diet is vital. A YorkTest FirstStep test establishes just that - and if you show a positive reaction then one of the further YorkTest tests really can offer the solution.

Tony Wyper Certified Master Personal Trainer