Example Problem Foods

As individuals, our reactions to foods and drinks vary a great deal. An ingredient which may cause problems for one person could be completely acceptable for another. At YorkTest, we like to refer to this as our ‘food fingerprint’.

Interestingly, our recent customer survey date shows that 64% of YorkTest customers have between 2 and 8 food reactions.

Understanding your own personal food and drink intolerances, and the effects they could have on your health and wellbeing, is important to ensure you make the best possible choices for your diet.

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    Food&DrinkScan Programme

    The comprehensive Food&DrinkScan Programme analyses your IgG reaction to 158 foods and drinks, providing you with clear results and nutritional support to help you replace your problem foods and optimise your diet.

    Key benefits

    • Money Back Promise -  if no reactions are identified YorkTest will refund you €320 (available when you purchase the complete programme at the RRP)
    • Expert testing and analysis of IgG antibody reactions to 158 foods and drinks
    • Comprehensive guidebook and 12 week food and drink diary
    • Two x 30 minute telephone consultations with one of our NTOI/BANT* registered Nutritional Therapists
    • Convenient mail order service – no need to visit our laboratory



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  • Problems Associated with Foods

    Could you be suffering from food intolerance? Find out about the common symptoms.

    Symptoms of intolerance
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    FirstStep Test

    The FirstStep Test is a simple and convenient home to laboratory test. Clear ‘yes or no’ indicator of food intolerance* before you decide to progress to a full programme to investigate your individual problem foods.

    Key benefits

    • Ireland's only simple ‘yes or no’ indicator of food intolerance*
    • Convenient home to laboratory testing service with FREE delivery and return
    • If positive, the price is deducted from the cost of your Complete YorkTest Programme
    • Second stage testing continues on FirstStep blood sample - no need to provide a second sample



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