Harriet Danby-Platt, 21

Harriet Danby-Platt, 21, was experiencing daily fatigue and stomach pains which were impacting on her busy lifestyle.

She decided to try the YorkTest Food&DrinkScan programme to see if anything she was eating could be making her feel this way.

Harriet’s test highlighted gluten and yeast as being foods she was experiencing an IgG reaction to and, after cutting these out of her diet, she found improvement to her quality of life within a week.

"This is one of the best things I’ve done. I now have control of my body and don’t feel ill. I can control what I eat and if I eat the wrong things I will suffer, but it will pass. Also since I was 17 I needed 12 hours sleep but now I am less tired especially in the afternoon. I now have 7-8 hours sleep and that is fine for me."

YorkTest advise that you consult with your GP first if you are experiencing the types of symptoms mentioned in this testimonial.

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