Darren Jerry, 6

Since he was born, Darren Jerry had experienced poor health. His mother Jincy, a nurse working at the Mater Private Hospital in Dublin, spent a great deal of time worrying about his exhausting list of illnesses.

"Darren suffered from bad eczema but he also had very bad problems with his bowels. He would have six to seven bowels movements a day and the situation was not getting any better. He also suffered from very bad chest infections. The chest infections and bronchitis resulted in him being rushed to accident and emergency rooms during the night time. We would be awake listening to his breathing and you could hear his rattling chest."

Darren's health was showing no sign of improvement when a family friend recommended they try a YorkTest Food Intolerance programme.

The results indicated Darren was intolerant to an array of foodstuffs, including yeast, carrots, nuts, beef and corn with particularly strong results to dairy and egg.

Taking action immediately, Jincy took her consultation with YorkTest Nutritional Therapist Catherine to talk through Darren’s results and understand how best to change his diet, replacing his trigger foods with nutritious alternatives.

"We cut out all of the foods which were marked as intolerant... the changes were dramatic. Within a month I could see the change – his bowel movements became regular and his chest improved dramatically."

Because of his various infections, Darren had been taking courses of antibiotics and anti-histamine tablets. After cutting the problem foods out of his diet, Jincy was relieved to find his need for the medication dramatically reduced, with only occasional requirement for anti histamines.

"You could say as a nurse I approached the YorkTest programme with a doubt and certainly a cynical attitude...The change has been wonderful in terms of his improved chest and now no more diarrhoea. He still suffers from some eczema but I have always been able to treat that with creams and it was never really an issue."

Darren’s progress has been so successful he has been able to slowly and carefully reintroduce some of the foods he misses, such as bread, with Jincy keeping a close watch on his health.

"In simple terms the test for us outlined what foods Darren should avoid. It tells you the various degrees of intolerances and it makes it easy to follow and to start the changes in food intake that can have such a significant effect."

YorkTest advise that you consult with your GP first if you are experiencing the types of symptoms mentioned in this testimonial.

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