Summer Quinn

Before discovering YorkTest/Lorisian, Summer Quinn (7) suffered with bloating, weight gain and skin problems. Now a happy, confident and healthy child, we asked her mother Jennifer how the simple pinprick blood test helped her get her happy little girl back.


How was Summer feeling before taking a test?

“She had very bad bloating and her mood would change (tantrums). Her skin got so dry it would flake from her eyebrows and she got a lot of rashes,especially on her face. Summer weighed 6 stone 4 pounds before starting on the elimination programme with YorkTest.

How did the symptoms affect her day to day life?

“A lot of people would point out her bloating or weight to me and as a parent was very hard to hear.  She was bullied at school because of her weight and skin condition – she was regularly called fat.”

Why did you decide to try the YorkTest?

“It was through a friend of a friend that I found out about the YorkTest for my daughter.  I got the test done as things just got to a stage where I knew there was something wrong. I have always fed her healthy foods and she loves her vegetables.  Once she had a treat of an ice cream and afterward she bloated really badly and the rash was terrible so I started the process of getting her tested.”

What did Summers reactions show?

“My daughter is intolerant to cow’s milk, wheat, yeast, gluten and egg white.”

Once you removed and replaced the trigger foods in Summer’s diet, how long did it take for her to feel the changes?

“Week 1 and 2 were very difficult as one minute she was very energetic and the next she was exhausted… I did speak to a Nutritional Therapist at YorkTest who helped me hugely which made heading into week 3 much easier and using my imagination with different food, things started falling into place for the better at that stage.  Now Summer weighs just 5 stone 3 pounds, eight weeks later.”

Is Summer still following the new diet plan and what happens if she eats one of her trigger foods?

“I now only feed Summer foods that she can tolerate and she is a completely different child.  Her transition once I got my head around things was actually very easy.  Summer can now enjoy her favourite foods again with ingredients she is not reacting to and a bit of imagination from myself.”

What has been the biggest change since Summer took the test?

“I am so happy we did the YorkTest as it has changed my life and most importantly my daughter’s life for the better.  She looks and feels amazing not just with other people but in herself.  Her confidence has really grown, she’s so much more energetic and she is much happier.  Overall it has been tough but brilliant.”

YorkTest advise that you consult with your GP first if you are experiencing the types of symptoms mentioned in this testimonial.

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