Back to School Breakfasts

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The new stationary has been purchased, the new jumper is on and the manic school run has started all over again. But before we begin our day, we need to think about the most important meal of the day; breakfast.

Food intolerance isn’t simple; reaction time can take up to 72 hours, you can be intolerant to multiple foods and symptoms vary drastically. Some of the most common food intolerance symptoms include IBS, bloating and stomach cramps; however there are plenty of more subtle symptoms that could affect your child’s day to day life. Did you know that tiredness, itchy skin and eczema are all problems that can be attributed to a food intolerance?

If undetected food intolerance is causing your child to lose concentration and be more tired, then you need to make sure you that breakfast is filled with friendly foods that will help them stay alert, focussed and satisfied.

However, for children with food intolerances, thinking of breakfasts that are interesting, food intolerant-friendly and will keep them full until lunchtime is a challenge. That’s where our helpful infographic on back to school breakfasts could come in handy.

Back to school breakfasts