Harriet Bagshaw, 4

In April 2015, Harriet Bagshaw’s mother Kirsten was at her wit’s end. Her 4 year old daughter was suffering with a number of conditions from skin irritations to digestive discomfort, all of which were causing her extreme distress.

“Harriet, was crying and screaming all the time…She would never sleep… It was extremely disturbing to see the response of Harriet to different foods…Her reaction was so severe and her body so contorted with pain.  Even at a young age Harriet would scratch at her skin because it irritated her so much. She said it felt like something crawling under her skin.”

Understandably desperate for a solution, Kirstin tried a various medications to help ease her daughter’s discomfort.

“We tried Ibuprofen but it seemed to make things worse.  It was orange flavoured: we found out later Harriet has a borderline intolerance to orange.”

Kirstin also tried various NHS options such as allergy and coeliac testing to try and diagnose the problem but the results showed Harriet wasn’t experiencing these conditions. As a last resort, Kirstin decided to contact YorkTest.

“YorkTest was my final option – it came back with things which the NHS would not test me for.”

Kirstin decided to try the Food&DrinkScan Programme to see if it could reveal something in Harriet’s diet which could be responsible for her extreme discomfort.

The results indicated reactions to a number of ingredients, including cows’ milk, gluten, wheat, egg, soya, corn and orange.

Supported with expert advice from YorkTest’s Nutritional Therapists, Kirstin was able to adapt Harriet’s diet to remove the trigger foods whilst maintaining an essential balance of vitamins and nutrients. It didn’t take long for Kirstin to notice positive changes in Harriet’s health.

“Once the foods were cut out, Harriet slept soundly for the first time in years. After about 5 days we all began to get some sleep then about 3 weeks for other symptoms including itching and bloating.”

With her newly optimised diet, Harriet’s health improvements have gone from strength to strength.

“Harriet is now back to normal – she has had a growth spurt. Her hair was not growing and now it is flowing.

Harriet’s skin is a better colour, her bloating has gone down, in fact she now has so much energy she has been turning into a handful the other way…!”

Finally seeing relief from Harriet’s symptoms, Kirstin is delighted to have her healthy, happy little girl back

“It has changed our life. It’s not always easy for both Harriet and myself but we both know what happens when/if she deviates.

School have been able to accept YorkTest’s results and the council will be providing Harriet with school dinners with appropriate substitutions.”



YorkTest advise that you consult with your GP first if you are experiencing the types of symptoms mentioned in this testimonial.