Carol Burton, 52

Before taking a test, Carol suffered from extremely bad digestive issues which started to affect her confidence.

“I suffered for many years with severe bloating and really bad stomach cramps, I would often look about 6 months pregnant, especially after lunch at work. During the day my symptoms would increasingly worsen making it painful to walk and sit.”

Despite eating a healthy diet, Carol’s symptoms persisted making her at a loss of what was causing her to feel this way.

“I was becoming more upset every day. I felt fat and frumpy and avoided social events because of how I felt. By home time I felt lethargic and had no energy. It made both my husband and I very unhappy. We eat very healthy meals with the odd treat and only cook from fresh ingredients so it had to be something that I was having on a day-to-day basis.”

Carol found out about YorkTest through a work colleague who had seen improvements in her symptoms after taking a test, and embarking upon her elimination diet.

“A colleague at work mentioned that she had taken the test as a last resort. I spoke with my husband about it, and we decided to get the ‘FirstStep’ test which came back positive. I decided to buy a full test programme after speaking to Jake (who was brilliant) about which test would be the best for me.”

Carol’s test results came back with a range of different foods and drinks, some of which surprised her.

“The tests came back within 2 days, and I was quite surprised with the results. I was positive to cow’s milk, which I was not expecting at all, grapes, yeast, gluten, hibiscus and rooibos tea. The biggest challenge was taking my tea with an alternative milk and no more chocolate!”

Carol started to feel better within a week of removing her trigger foods. Her friends and family also noticed a change in her appearance after a few weeks.

“I cut out the intolerances straight away, and noticed a difference within a week, especially with bloating and abdominal pains. I would say it was about another 2/3 weeks when family and friends started commenting on the weight loss. I’m not bloated anymore which mean my clothes feel nicer to wear. This boosted my confidence enormously. My digestive system has also improved immensely, as have my complexion and hair.”

Carol has completely embraced her new diet and enjoys creating new recipes using alternative ingredients.

“My husband makes me my own flat breads and cakes. I am really enjoying how other ingredients can change a meal completely. Free From products are also very good as you don’t feel as though you are missing out. It’s about adapting your attitude to food.”

Carol is extremely happy that she took the test and explains that it has completely changed her attitude towards food and drink and has made her a more confident person.

“I wish I had taken the test years ago, it would have saved me a lot of wasted years with various diets, food diaries and doctor appointments all to no avail! I am more confident and not afraid to ask at a restaurant what ingredients are in their foods. I can now say no when visiting family and friends when they put cakes in front of me. Instead of giving excuses I can actually tell them the reason why and if they don’t believe me I can get out my intolerance card!”

* YorkTest advise that you consult with your GP first if you are experiencing the types of symptoms mentioned in this testimonial.