Kristina Rihanoff

Kristina Rhianoff, best known for her captivating choreography on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, has optimised her diet, fitness and weight as a result of discovering and eliminating her trigger foods after taking the YorkTest Food&DrinkScan Programme.

Since turning 30, Kristina had been experiencing increasing levels of fatigue, as well as bloating and headaches, despite her healthy diet and extensive exercise regime.

Her lack of energy was impacting on her ability to train and keep up with the demands of her busy schedule.

‘…when I hit my 30s I kept getting headaches and picking up coughs and colds. I felt bloated and tired all the time and despite my dancing I never had any energy. I was exhausted all the time.’ 

Preparing her training schedule for the new series of the much loved dancing competition, and conscious of the demands of the show (and the skimpy sequinned outfits), Kristina decided to try a YorkTest Food&DrinkScan to see if something in her diet could be causing her to feel so lethargic.

The results of the test were a surprise to the dancer who had long believed her diet to be balanced and healthy.

‘I’ve always believed in the phrase “You are what you eat”, but I was stunned when I got the results. The test showed I was intolerant to a number of things, including wheat and dairy, the sort of foods I had previously thought were healthy.

To ensure that Kristina fully understood that changes she would need to make to optimise her diet, including vital nutrients to sustain her through gruelling workouts, she made sure to book in her consultation with YorkTest Nutritional Therapy manager Sarah Hughes.

‘In my mind I was a healthy eater. But here I was being told by a nutritional therapist that so many of the foods I ate, and that I thought were good for me, could have been the cause of my problems all along… I was advised to avoid dairy and looked into alternatives. I decided to swap cow’s milk for almond or hemp milk and I stopped eating wheat and instead went for other grains that YorkTest recommended like quinoa and barley.”

Following the changes, it didn’t take long for Kristina to see the benefits to her energy levels, and there were additional and unexpected benefits too

‘When I started the diet I was wearing a dress size 10. By within a few weeks my stomach felt flatter and the puffiness I’d felt before had gone and I could get into a size 8.

Going forward, Kristina has been delighted to discover the positive impact her elimination diet has had on her fitness and energy, giving her the boost she needed to give it her all on the new series of Strictly Come Dancing.

YorkTest advise that you consult with your GP first if you are experiencing the types of symptoms mentioned in this testimonial.