Kathleen Geraghty, 53

Before taking a YorkTest, Kathleen suffered from a range of different symptoms, from problems with her digestive system, to pains in her joints.

“I was suffering with really bad indigestion, tired all the time, had problems with my sinus and also had terrible muscle and joint ache.”

Not only were her symptoms affecting her day-to-day life, but they were also affecting how she felt whilst at work.

“After lunch, I would want to sleep, as a Special Needs Assistant, I would need to be alert and found I would have to walk up and down the corridor to stay awake. Weekends, I would look at the work I needed to do, but I was exhausted, did it, but I was so tired all the time.”

Kathleen found out about YorkTest while searching for food intolerance tests on the internet. After being persuaded by reading reviews from our previous customers, Kathleen purchased a test for herself to see if she could benefit as much as previous customers had before her.

 “I searched and found YorkTest and looked at the reviews. Based on the reviews I saw, I went ahead with YorkTest.”

After taking the test Kathleen found out she was intolerant to a range of food ingredients such as, cow’s milk, peanut, yeast, gluten, buckwheat, corn, egg white and egg yolk.

“About 2 weeks after removing the foods, I felt totally better. I had lots of energy, no bloating, I was bouncing out of bed in the morning. My indigestion had gone, my sinus problem had gone, and the pain in my joints had also gone.”

Although she was slightly daunted at first with the changes she had to make to her diet, Kathleen believes that the test has changed her life for the better and her overall health has greatly improved after removing her trigger foods.

“I was at a loss having to give up so many foods and the changes I had to make. You have such helpful people on your team with phone calls and advice, the nutritionist was top class, I could not have done it without them. This has changed my life.”


 *YorkTest advise that you consult with your GP first if you are experiencing the types of symptoms mentioned in this testimonial.