Tracey Janes, 47

Tracey from Somerset suffered from a range of symptoms before taking a YorkTest, such as weight gain, bloating and fatigue.

“My symptoms before I took the test were bad bloating, weight gain and lack of energy. I felt miserable and low and became fed up with eating.”

Tracey’s symptoms started to affect her daily life, making her feel miserable and dread mealtimes.

“Day to day I was in constant misery as I didn’t know what it was and I tried to cut things out and eat healthily but still saw no change. Meal times became an issue. Clothes would fit one day and the next day were incredibly tight. I also had water retention around my joints, bad skin and thinning hair.”

Before coming to YorkTest, Tracey had many appointments with her doctor to find out the cause of her symptoms, however she failed to get answers.

“After telling the doctor about my symptoms, I came out thinking I may be really ill. I was sent for an endoscopy and an abdomen scan. By this time I was worried sick, however they found nothing apart from redness and irritation.”

Tracey first realised that food intolerances may be the cause of her symptoms when she came across YorkTest while researching online.

“I came across YorkTest Laboratories on the internet. Reading the customer feedback, I was really surprised how eating certain foods that your body can’t deal with would cause this sort of reaction so I took the test and hoped my uncomfortable days were coming to an end.”

When her results first came back Tracey was surprised to see that she was intolerant to yeast.

“I couldn’t believe it at first and thought YEAST, what has got yeast in it? I was also borderline intolerant to gluten. With my information in hand, I started clearing my cupboards of the foods that I used on a daily basis, nearly everything had yeast in it!”

Tracey noticed a difference almost immediately after eliminating her trigger foods and has found substitutes so that she doesn’t miss them.

“Within days of eliminating these foods my tummy was reduced, I was comfortable and started to lose both water weight and weight in general. I can’t tell you the different it’s made to my life. I don’t feel I miss out on certain foods because I have found new ones.”

As Tracey has seen such an improvement in her overall wellbeing, it keeps her motivated to stick with her new diet.

“Feeling good and eating without discomfort is more important to me than eating bread, cakes and things that upset my body. The new me will never go back to eating the things that made me miserable.”

Tracey is extremely pleased that she took a food intolerance test and continues to see improvements every day.

“It’s the best money I have ever spent! Taking this test has made me understand what my body can and cannot tolerate and it’s happy again, and so is my waistline. With the loving support and patience of my wonderful husband my progress grew every day.”

*YorkTest advise that you consult with your GP first if you are experiencing the types of symptoms mentioned in this testimonial.